Wednesday, 23 August 2017

HUAT AH!: chye seng huat hardware cafe.

Back at it again with the stunning visual concept and exceptional culinary works of art <3

The steps leading up to this fine ass food establishment always has me quivering with excitement :D

teehee lol

Thomas' smoked salmon concoction. Oh yes, we snagged some outdoor seats this time and the sunny atmosphere was spectacular indeed! The sweltering heat, however, was not.

Also, there was a jolly little butterfly flapping around the plants next to our table hoping to make our acquaintance. But Joyce and I just yelped in fear like lil bitches™ every time it entered our vicinity.

too much ~*NATURE*~ lol  abort, abort!!1

Joyce had herself this sweet treat of towering toast and jammy fruit components alongside a colossal dollop of vanilla ice cream. The koala-tea (ha ha "panda coffee") kind with visible vanilla specks. Fancy~!

I caved and ordered the breakfast platter again, coz it's just too darn good. Pity they overcooked mah scrambled eggs this time, though :\

Bad eggs = A Bad Time


To end off, here are some shots of their ridiculously sexy pastry display space:

It's actually infuriating how much I want to gobble everything down as if money and calories weren't a factor of consideration xoxo

How dare you look so tantalising!!!!!!

Friday, 28 July 2017


Giddy up, cowboys (lol whut). It's time for yet another post of just food pics! w0w0w0w so exciting, quality content right hurr sia

Went to some CBD bagel place at Tanjong Pagar with Thomas. First time in my gosh darn life I had bagels, and they tasted amaaazing. Mine was like cinnamon raisin with a maple cream cheese spread or some shit. Fucking phenomenal coz I love cinnamon and I LOVE maple syrup, what a perfect combo.

Thomas' was some glorious meaty mayhem that looked super filling and probably tasted bombbb.

I forgot the name of the bagel store but all the dudes who worked there look fineeeee as hell lol IM SERIOUS. I legit got up mid-meal and changed seats so I could get a better view of cutie workin the cashier, like daaaamn <3

Haven't gone back since then but yeah. I'm tryna smash lol


Solo lunch at Han's, one of my all-time favourite fuss-free eateries hehe

I'm a slut for omelettes (why cant i just say "i like omelettes" like a normal person tbh) and I always get this ham and cheese one. They are VERY generous with the fillings, resulting in this orgasmic, ooey gooey creation right here,

Holy fuckeroni. How good does that look?? As a cheese lover I just wanna SLURP IT ALL UP. FUCK!!!!!!

Oh yeah their chips are superb, too. Super flavourful, crunch game str0nk. Bellisimo, really.


This is just some lasagna, wasn't mind-blowing or anything but the sunlight made for a pretty spectacular photo (if i do say so mah self teeHEE) so yeah.

Here we go, more pics from that cafe:

"Tippuccino"!! HAHA lol so cute sia. Coffee puns all

This is Shrove Tuesday, btw. A.k.a the cafe at which A Latte Love was filmed. Holy shit, that was a pretty iconic period of my youth. Funny how you do random stuff day by day but when you look back upon it years later on, it's like. Golly~! That was truly special indeed.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

thanks to your parting words to me, my life went into a Total Blackout.

"i open my notebook.
letter by letter, the name i wrote down,
as if with my own blood."

"let me ask you one thing:
Did you try your best?

No answer.
it's like an interrogation."

"No Love.
i'll let you go without feeling anything myself.
i'll burn your everything.
i know it'll be hard for me...

but not anymore."

"No Love.
i'll let you go, far away.
i've got you burning, up in flames.
you're burning up, without a single regret."

"slowly, Burn."


The chilling oriental instrumental music...heart-thumping beat that goes hard asf. The powerful yet emotional and sincere rapping, Jessi (my love ❤)'s soulful crooning; BEAUTIFULLY heartfelt lyrics that are as moving in their native Korean as well as when translated. The dance moves, the outfits, the cinematography and this entire aesthetic overall.

Isn't it just, art?

so good and so #flawless it makes my ass throb tbh L0L  ok bye